Cash-and-Carry for nurseries


Van Tuijl is best known for manufacturing and supplying recycled trays and pots for nurseries and horticulture. But what many people may not yet know is that the company has a cash-and-carry facility in Opheusden, which offers all sorts of things to make grower's work easier. Besides the main staple, tonkin bamboo canes and sticks, this ranges from work gloves to binding tube and jute. To boost its growth ambitions in this area, Van Tuijl is expanding with a new hall in Opheusden.

Besides producing and supplying recycled trays and pots, Van Tuijl has a cash-and-carry department with a wide range of materials and tools for nurseries, from wire baskets to bamboo canes. This warehouse can be found at Van Tuijl's Opheusden location. The majority is made up of the wide range of sticks, which is aimed partly at horticulture and partly at arboriculture and fruit growing. For horticulture, the company, which also has a site in Haaften, supplies so-called split bamboo, which is dimensionally stable, uniform and can be processed automatically, which is important in horticulture. Tree nurseries can turn to Van Tuijl for bamboo sticks or so-called tonkin sticks - a collective name for 200 sizes of thin bamboo.

Service at one
Besides the sticks, Van Tuijl supplies all kinds of materials and tools used by the grower, geared to the season. These include binding tube, which is used to attach the stick to the tree, as well as the volume products jute and larger pots for the tree grower, such as Italian pots with a metre diameter. 'Everything a plant grows in or is supported by can be found at Van Tuijl,' says Leendert van Tuijl, who is responsible for the collection depot in Opheusden.

'Everything a plant grows in or is supported by can be found at Van Tuijl'
'We want to look after the interests of growers and service is number one in this respect. We guarantee short delivery times and with our own transport, we can deliver quickly and efficiently from our warehouse. It is also possible to take away the products you want immediately,' Van Tuijl says.
 'Since 2010, we have been selling bamboo sticks and the smaller sticks for orchids and the like. In 2016, we started selling all nursery products, such as root ball elastic, our own line of wire baskets, Treefix and jute, which we set up ourselves. We also offer all kinds of hand tools, such as secateurs, hoes, and rakes, as well as hand and work shoes and rain suits. We have a total package for the tree nursery for sale.'

'In 2019, we had new premises built in Opheusden; we moved the entire department there. A real pick-up depot for the tree nursery is located here, in the heart of tree nursery region Opheusden. Easily accessible for the customers there. But for large volumes, it is also possible to deliver to the grower by truck. This is especially convenient for regions like Boskoop and Zundert. We also have customers in Belgium. Our ambition is to expand this service to countries like Norway and England,' says Van Tuijl. To meet these growth ambitions, the Opheusden branch is being expanded with a new hall. In this context, Van Tuijl's website ( will also be updated with an up-to-date overview of all nursery products. 'We notice a growing need for this. People can visit us à la minute or call ahead and we will make sure the product is ready. We also see opportunities to expand the range with new products if we come across something.'

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