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Located on the edge of the Betuwe, all generations of our family business have grown up with fruit. We have always kept pace with developments in this dynamic sector. Love for the trade and passion for fruit are values we identify with. Hence, we do everything possible every day to serve our customers in the best possible way.

The Netherlands has a thriving soft fruit sector with many specialised growers spread throughout the country. The mild climate, fertile soils and advanced horticultural techniques contribute to the successful cultivation of soft fruit. Cultivation methods vary depending on the type of fruit and grower preferences. Some soft fruit varieties are grown outdoors, while others are often grown in greenhouses or tunnels to optimise growing conditions and prolong the harvest. Van Tuijl offers the necessary materials for all these different types of cultivation.

Wide range

At Van Tuijl, we offer growers of soft fruit a complete range of necessary products. From stem trays for raising young plants to pots, containers and waterproof cardboard boxes in which fruit can be harvested, both manually and automatically. From our own imports, we supply bamboo products and barrel sticks.


Customised products

Van Tuijl is an innovation company. We do this by visiting trade fairs to learn about new techniques, methods and products. We also regularly sit down with soft fruit growers to discuss developments in their own business. And this is how we come to adapt existing products so that they fit in perfectly with the grower's business operations. Customisation is therefore (almost) always possible.


Plenty of stock

Thanks to three locations with plenty of storage space, we can keep all products in our range in stock. For soft fruit growers, this means they never miss out. What they order today can, if necessary, be delivered tomorrow. We have our own logistics and distribution. That makes delivery always reliable and flexible where needed. Especially in a sector where conditions can change quickly, this is a huge advantage.

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We are there for our customers. After all, that's what we do it all for. So if you have any questions about products or applications, you can always contact us. By phone or e-mail. Our advisers will be happy to help.

Nico den Hartog
Nico den Hartog
Sales manager | Accountmanager Westland
Frits van Duijn
Frits van Duijn
International sales manager | Accountmanager Westland