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Nurseries in the Netherlands grow a wide range of tree and shrub species, including ornamental trees, fruit trees, conifers and other shrubs. They focus on the domestic market, but also export many products to other European countries and beyond. The tree nursery sector in the Netherlands is well organised and professional. Quality is paramount. At Van Tuijl, every tree grower will find a complete programme with products of the highest level.

At Van Tuijl, we do not aspire to become the largest supplier to tree nurseries. But we do want to be the best. A supplier that thinks along with you, always delivers quality and excels in service. We also innovate along with the sector. We do this by having frequent discussions with tree nurseries. We translate wishes into products, and customisation is also possible.

Own product line

Based on the knowledge we have gained from our customers among tree nurseries, we have created our own product line. This product line includes tree containers, wire baskets, tonkin canes, coir mats, inlay material and binders. The advantage for tree nurseries is that with these products, they can always rely on the highest quality at the best possible price.

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Own import

At Van Tuijl, over the years we have built up an extensive network of suppliers in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. This enables us to offer a total assortment ranging from tonkin canes and pots to plant bags and tools. The scale of our sales allows us to market products competitively without making any concessions in quality. The result is a loyal customer base of tree nurseries that know how to find us again and again.


Fast delivery

With three locations in the Netherlands with enormous storage capacity, we are able to hold stock for our complete range. For nurseries, this always means a wide choice and fast delivery times. We also control the transport and logistics. It makes us flexible in our service and service provision.

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We are there for our customers. After all, that's what we do it all for. So if you have any questions about products or applications, you can always contact us. By phone or e-mail. Our advisers will be happy to help.

Willem Vermeer
Willem Vermeer
Accountmanager nurseries
Dirk Meijssen
Dirk Meijssen
Accountmanager nurseries