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Horticulture is an important sector in the Netherlands. We are one of the world's most innovative producer-traders of ornamental plant products, including cut flowers, potted plants and flower bulbs. The Dutch floriculture sector has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. There is a lot of research into new cultivation methods, breeding techniques and sustainable packaging. Many Dutch growers work according to environmental certification systems, such as MPS (Environmental Programme for Horticulture), to reduce the impact of cultivation on the environment. At Van Tuijl, we go along with this sustainable development by constantly bringing new innovative products to the market.

In the 100 years we have been in business, quality has always come first. We exist by the grace of the trust our horticultural customers have in us. That relationship is paramount in everything we do every day and ensures that we can continue to invest and innovate in our complete horticulture programme.

Own injection moulding products

At Van Tuijl, we develop our own injection-moulded products. Using injection moulding technology and thermoprocesses, we make supplies for young plants to final packaging. From paperpots for propagation to propagation trays, nursery pots and flower buckets. We supply trays in plastic and cardboard. The range includes every conceivable shape and size, so horticulture always finds a suitable solution with us.


Innovation in horticulture

In the Netherlands, horticulture operates at a tremendously high level. By constantly talking to our horticultural customers, we closely follow trends and developments. This is reflected in our own production and complete range. For example, we adapt the composition of materials to the cultivation methods in the market and the sustainability (recycling) requirements.


Own storage and distribution

At Van Tuijl, we operate from three locations which together have enormous storage capacity. This enables us to keep sufficient stock of all products in our range. For all our customers in horticulture, this means that their orders are always delivered quickly. In order not to be dependent on third parties, we also have our own distribution. In this way, we can guarantee quality and speed.


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Nico den Hartog
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